1. Student must be unemployed at stage when he/she applies for studies
  2. Must be between ages 18 – 29
  3. Student will be a student employee at an allocated company for 12 months. He/she will not be physically work at the company premises. Student will however be responsible to complete regular tasks as received from the company’s HR/Training department. These tasks must be upload on E2 Learn platform under his/her profile. It is compulsory and required by legislation to qualify for ETI benefits. Students must receive regular tasks (written tasks) a form of work during their period of studies that excludes their formal studies.
  4. Student must complete compulsory Onboarding module on E2 Learn platform.
  5. Student must sign in regularly (preferably daily) as this is the way of measuring attendance and course progress.
  6. All enquiries, problems addressed to Student’s e mail address is always the reference number.
  7. Student does not receive any stipend. The R 3500 as stipulated in the term contract of 12 months is utilized for studies. Contracted colleges offer a significant rebate towards the ETI programme because of the large number of enrolled students. Being on the ETI programme as an unemployed individual offers him/her the opportunity to obtain a skills programme qualification at no cost to the student.
  8. Student must ensure that he/she provides the correct information i.e., full names, ID number, e mail address, contact numbers, physical and postal address and provide the required documents highest qualification, latest photo etc. This is critical information in term of external auditing and verification processes by SARS and Dept of Labour.
  9. This is not a Learnership qualification therefore students can not apply for a learner ship position at a company via E2 Learn.