The Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) is sponsored by National Treasury and administered by SARS. The programme started in January 2014 and is scheduled to run until February 2029. It was developed to address a specific challenge in South Africa. South Africa has a very high unemployment rate and more specifically the Youth between the ages of 18 and 29 years.

With the promulgation of ETI (Act 26 of 2013) it became part of government’s package of programmes to:

  • Incentivize businesses to employ young people (18 – 29)
  • Enable youth employability by giving them the opportunity to acquire the requisite skills to be employed

Private companies can therefore appoint eligible unemployed youth as scholar employees for a period of 12 months, on a fixed term contract. The student will be an employee of the company for this period whilst completing his/ her studies. During this period, it is imperative that the ETI appointed scholar-employee adheres to all rules and regulations of the company. This includes regular tasks and assignments that must be completed. These tasks are work-related and does not form part of the chosen Skills programme.

In terms of studies, it is expected of the ETI employee to attend classes, either in the classroom or online platforms and attendance and progress is formally measured, through the signing of an attendance register. It is required of the company to provide these attendance and progress reports to various government and legislative stakeholders. For the period of employment, the ETI employee will be registered for UIF at SARS as well as his/her Skills Development Levy contributions will be paid to SARS. It is therefore important to comprehend that the ETI employee (12 months study period – employment) will not be eligible for any other Grants as offered by Government or certain SASSA claims.

It is not required of the scholar-employee to relocate during the period of 12 months. They will focus on their chosen field of studies and the work-related tasks/assignments as received from the employer. The primary focus of this programme is to offer unemployed youth the opportunity to obtain a Skills Programme qualification that will prepare them for employment. ETI employees will therefore receive a certificate on completion of their accredited course. ETI employees will be allowed to claim UIF benefits for the prescribed period if employment does not realise immediately after completion of studies.

E2 Learn: Online training academy

E2 Learn (Pty) Ltd 2021/593315/07 is a registered company that offers online study opportunities to ETI employees.

Unemployed Youth who wishes to apply follows an online application process. This process includes the uploading of various documents;

  • Initialled and signed Contract with the Employer
  • Copy of Highest qualification (Minimum Grade 11)
  • Certified Copy of Identity document
  • Copy of latest Curriculum Vitae
  • Department of Labour EEA1 declaration form

E2 Learn ’s administration officials facilitate the online application process and is therefore imperative that the student realise that he/she must have the following in place:

  • Active e mail address
  • Access to internet (own data or access to community centres where Wifi is available)
  • Cell phone, tablet or Computer (laptop or desk top)

Frequently asked questions and answers

Answers to all of your questions

No, although we are in the process of negotiating with large corporates/Cell phone companies to assist in this regard. The scholar-employee must also identify local community centres in his/her areas of residence that will offer them access to free Wi-Fi.
No, as part of the ETI programme you are employed at a participating ETI company that funds your studies. You will be allowed to claim UIF after completion of studies if there is no immediate employment.
You will receive a certificate of accreditation on completion of the selected course.
Yes, it is a registered company that offers online and traditional training. E2 Learn (Pty) Ltd 2021/593315/07
Practical work is facilitated and planned by the appointed subject specialists and your employer. This planning will be communicated to you via the communication channels being e mail, cell phone etc.
No, the purpose of this programme its to offer you an opportunity to obtain a skills programme qualification that will improve your chances of employment.
You are employed for a period of 12 months, on a fixed term contract unless you choose to leave the programme early, then you are employed for the period of time you on the programme. The company pays all statutory costs such as UIF, so after your studies you are able to claim to UIF for a maximum period of 3 months.
No, you study online, and complete tasks and assignments as received from your employer and the college but you do not have to relocate.

E2 Learn offering:

Compulsory Onboarding module for all ETI employees;

Month 1 and 2:

  • How does the E2 Learn system work?
  • ETI Act (background and explanations)
  • Background of your ETI employer
  • Digital literacy
  • Study methods
  • English literacy

Online Courses: (Month 3 – 12)
Students select one of the courses below:

  • Assistant Chef
  • Home Base Care Services
  • Supply Chain management
  • Plant production
  • Basic Information Technology