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  1. You click on the selected course.
  2. Each course has an executive summary of all the detail required for you to make an informed decision. This includes the cost per course.
  3. Once you have studied all the detail, you click on enroll now and complete the required information.
  4. Our payment options are either via PayFast or E2 Learn will generate an invoice that will be sent to you.
  5. Once proof of payment is received, E2 Learn will generate your login details and then you can start with your course.
If you consider online learning, and if it is the right choice for you, you must be sure what the benefits of online learning will be for you. The growth in popularity of the online learning section gave you an overview of all these benefits. At E2 Learn we firmly believe, that we offer those benefits and the skills you will acquire not only to improve your education or skills levels but also your employability opportunities.
Study from home

The most important and obvious reason is that a student does not have to attend physical classes. All that is required, is access to the internet and you can enroll in a course without leaving home. Not only does this negate logistical challenges, but it also creates opportunities to study whatever you want irrespective of where the course is offered.

Reduced costs

Online training and education are cheaper than traditional classroom training. Learning material comes with enrolment and therefore does not require expensive textbooks. By selecting to study online, it becomes a reality for economically disadvantaged individuals to create solutions to be successful in life and improve their skills for employment.

You schedule your own time

One of the big advantages of online learning is that you can log into your online course at any time of the day. It also provides you with the opportunity to review any tasks or concepts that you struggle with. You can set your own pace, subject to time tables of completion some courses might have. This will improve your time–management skills in terms of juggling work, family, and studies.

Online studying demonstrates self–motivation

By studying for an online course, and completing it, you demonstrate self–discipline, self – motivated and that you are effective in time–management practices. These are all critically important employability factors that future employers consider when you apply for a job.

You develop a broader, global perspective

Because you can log in from any location, and if you are exposed to class/group discussions, it will broaden your perspectives and enhance your cross-culture understanding. As an online learner, you might be exposed to students all over the world which will subsequently create new network opportunities for the future.

You will improve your Critical – thinking skills

Employers want their employees to think critically and differently. When you think about education and training, it is expected of you to think critically. With online learning, you are forced to develop your critical thinking skills. Within this online learning environment, you must create self–paced rhythms and self–motivation patterns. All very important behaviors employees seek when they consider a candidate for employment.

You learn new Technical Skills

Obtaining an online qualification or completing an online course will enhance your technical skills. You will be exposed to digital learning material, new tools, and software programs. All these new technical skills will stand in good stead when you are considered for employment, or when you apply for a new job. Employers expect their employees to embrace technology as group projects, sharing files, and participating in online group meetings have become the norm of doing business.

Life Skills

  • How to build Positive and Healthy relationships
  • Maintenance – a Legal Perspective
  • Family Violence – A Legal Perspective
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • These LIFE SKILLS courses, offer an opportunity to employees in companies and any other individuals, to be informed, educated, and become aware of their rights as well as the potential actions or interventions that can be taken once exposed to Unhealthy relationships, Maintenance issues, Family Violence or challenges regarding Marriage and Divorce.
  • Click on Life Skills, each course’s executive summary will give you the detail on all the topics that are covered during these courses. 
  • The individual online courses can be completed within 1 day (including the self–assessment)
  • You can enroll in these courses anytime during the year.

Entrepreneurship – What you need to know

  • Anyone who has innovative ideas and wants to turn them into a profitable business
  • You want to take charge of your working hours
  • You want to make a lasting impact on society
  • You have a set of specialized skills and want to be your own boss
  • You want to work from anywhere and have financial independence
  • This course can be completed within 3 days. (online)
  • You can enroll in this course anytime during the year.

Certificate in Hospitality & Catering principles

  • Individuals who want to enter the hospitality industry in a junior position with a good understanding of the culinary fundamentals.
  • Individuals who are already working at an entry-level in hospitality roles, and wish to develop their knowledge and achieve a formal qualification
  • Individuals who want to learn the culinary fundamentals as part of a gap year or self-improvement.
  • 5 x Months, spending about 2 hours per day. (online)
  • Your course schedule will guide you as to how the modules should be completed.
  • Click on Hospitality and Catering, the executive summary will give you the detail on all the topics that are covered during this course.
  • The qualification is assessed by a Portfolio of Evidence.
  • The Food Safety module will require a short external examination
  • You need to achieve competence in all the units of this qualification to receive certification.
  • Highfield International Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality & Catering Principles (Food Production & Cooking) (QCF)
  • Highfield International Level 2 Award Certificate in Food Safety in Catering
  • Highfield International Level 2 Award in Personal Development for employability (RQF)
  • You can enroll in this course anytime during the year.

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

  • For all those who are working in the industry or are seeking a career in the industry.
  • Middle-level personnel who at least have a basic understanding of business and the business environment.
  • It is ideal for current or aspiring foremen/supervisors/managers who want to create a productive environment for themselves, their employees, and the company they work for
  • Duration: approximately 5 months, (online) including a comprehensive audit report based on findings. (Portfolio of Evidence and Practical work)
  • You can enroll in this course anytime during the year.

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