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To Gap or not to Gap? That is the question – Hospitality & Catering Qualification

Gap years are becoming more popular because they allow young people to experience the world before they start their tertiary education.

You might not be ready to start your life as a university student after completing the last year of school. You might still be unsure of what career path you would like to pursue. You might feel overwhelmed by the idea of being independent. Taking a gap year may hold many benefits such as gaining real-world experience, working with others, building a CV, gaining valuable training in different fields, making an income and above all, grow up!

How can a gap year benefit you?

Develop skills

During this adventurous time, which could take you to many places and you could meet many different people, you will surely learn many new skills along the way. Whether traveling abroad, au pairing in America, living your “Below Deck” dream as a yachtie or working as a barista in your local coffee shop. These skills will help to increase your employability.

Voluntary work, work experience and part-time jobs, internships and part-time work would allow interviewees to discuss skills they have developed. Experience is something that no one could ever take away from you. For instance, working with difficult people could teach you the valuable skill of how to treat customers, because as the saying goes, “the customer is always right!”

Enroll in an online course

Online courses can cover everything from Shakespeare to data analytics and climate change. It is easy to find the right course for you, and it will prepare you for your chosen university or career, online courses could even give you more clarity on what you want to do for the rest of your life! Students often use these courses to improve their skills or learn about specific interests.

Online courses are a great addition to your resume and can make you stand out to potential employers as a graduate candidate. They will show that you are self-motivated, determined, and willing to enhance your skills.

We invite you to enroll in our Hospitality & Catering Qualification if you are determined to learn a skill through a course. These are the reasons you should consider this course:

  • An internationally recognised certificate
  • To acquire a qualification during your gap year could mean that you can work part-time while you travel.
  • To give you a good understanding of the hospitality industry, to help you make an informed decision about your future career.

Final Verdict

Gap years are a great way to explore new areas and spend your time learning. It is good to take a gap year in the international hospitality industry, as there will always be work. This gives individuals the opportunity to consider whether or not this is the career path they want to pursue.

E2 Learn’s Hospitality & Catering Course will give you an internationally accredited certificate to increase your career prospects and earning potential.

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